I bought a fender stratocaster my freshman year of college and always planned on getting lessons before turning into a rockstar with Jimi Hendrix caliber licks. Neither happened, but what did happen was that I slowly learned how to play myself while simultaneously becoming a computer nerd. I eventually merged the two and started recording albums over the years in my spare time as a form of relaxation and as a way to train my mind to stop thinking about art so one dimensionally. What I couldn’t do on the guitar, I could do on the computer, and sometimes what I messed up on the guitar, sounded awesome through the computer when I ran it through various modules I would play with. I became a tinkering man. I would make noise, then tinker with it until I got bored of it, and then do it again.

I feel that when I’m in a rutt visually I can turn to music and when I’m in a rutt musically I can light it up visually. Both work me out mentally in a different way and make me a more cohesive artist overall.

So, everything below is basically the sounds of me working out. You know how some people grunt at the gym? Well, these are the grunts from the gym inside my head.